Debunking Consumerist Bogus Claim Mobile Data Does Not Compete with Cable

August 20, 2014 Pro-regulation interests often resort to highly misleading arguments to advance their cause. Fortunately that kind of deception ultimately exposes the weakness of their underlying argument and public policy position. To promote Netflix’ “strong” version of net neutrality regulation and to oppose the...
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NetCompetition Statement & Comments on FCC Open Internet Order Remand

July 11, 2014 NetCompetition Statement & Comments on FCC Open Internet Remand FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                            July 11, 2014 Contact:  Scott Cleland 703-217-2407 Broadband Reclassification is a Problem Pretending to be a Solution; & Un-supported by the Facts, Unjustified on the Merits, & Unwise Given FCC’s Record...
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NetCompetition Proposes Competition Framework for House Comm Act Update

  June 13, 2014 NetCompetition submitted this proposed communications competition framework in response to House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton’s and Subcommittee Chairman Greg Walden’s call for input on defining competition and competition principles for a potential Communications Act Update next Congress. Modernizing...
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